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With our state-of-the-art space design layout system, we'll construct a multi-dimensional computer model of your desired office.





Our friendly and professional associates will develop the best customized plan for your workspace giving your employees the best possible utilization of their area.
             You have a vision for your company. Aspirations for where it's heading. Designs and dreams for what it one day will be. At Walltech, our mission is to help make that vision a reality by providing office furniture solutions that best meet your needs - both now and long into the future.
      Good Design is not simply "prettifying" the work environment. Good design comes with the selection and incorporation of the necessary details combined with a process that allows clients to experience the difference. You may re-invent your interior work space once or twice in a lifetime, we are able to meet these challenges every day, which makes us precisely the people you want by your side, and with our IN-House team of space planners our "lead time" is cut in half. Furniture is only part of the equation. Our Sales Team, Designers and Space Planners work closely with teams that include the owner, engineers, architects, developers, contractors and employees. This integrated approch allows Walltech to deliver projects on time, within budget that meet or exceed our clients' expectations.

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