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Sitting at a desk all day can create tension and pain in your body. The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller supports your body’s natural posture for the ultimate in comfort—so you can focus on your work:

The adjustable lumbar pad supports your back below the shoulder blades to above the belt line. It can be adjusted up and down and has two positions to vary the amount of inward support it applies.
Other features of the Aeron include adjustable armrests (up, down, pivoting in and out), and variable height. You can adjust the tension based upon your weight and the effort desired to lean back. 

You can work for extended periods without shoulder or neck fatigue. The patented Kinemat® Tilt allows your body to pivot naturally at ankles, knees and hips. Our natural tendency to lean forward when working is supported by the adjustable tilt. Contact is maintained between your back and the backrest to support shoulders and neck.

Sit in a chair that’s precisely adjusted to your particular posture. The Aeron is completely adjustable: seat height and angle, seat tilt, armrest angle and height—all can be adjusted to exactly fit your body and support it in any activity.
Sit in a work of art. Because of the Aeron Chair’s innovative design and unique aesthetic, it’s displayed in the Museum of Modern Art! 
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