About Us

      Walltech offers superior remanufactured office furniture to businesses from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We have been furnishing offices for organizations, not only in Texas but from coast to coast, since 1985.
      Our specialty is preowned modular office systems from Herman Miller. We take the highest quality furniture with the most enduring popularity and restore it to a higher level of function, beauty and durability. Walltech provides office furniture solutions, better than new.
     Why Walltech? Low cost. Our office systems typically cost 30 to 50 percent less than comparable new systems. In some cases, your savings are even greater. What's more, we'll take your used or outdated furniture in trade.

     Why Walltech? Fast, on-time delivery. Walltech can deliver as fast or faster than anybody-in some cases, in as little as 10 working days. Our rapid response is possible because of a large inventory of popular styles, a streamlined factory process, and a well-trained and efficient crew. regardless of whether you're in a hurry or not, your furniture arrives on time-and in its entirety. That's because we know how to manage projects from beginning to end, after nearly 20 years of experience in the business.
      Why Walltech? Guaranteed satisfaction. Walltech stands behind all its furniture. You get a warranty that equals that of new furniture and a list of references so you can check for yourself how well our furniture has performed for others. More Important, you will hear from us periodically to make sure you stay completely satisfied.
       Why Walltech? Service. Along with furniture, Walltech offers a full range of services: space planning, shipping, installation and project management. If you're moving, you can consult with us about scheduling, planning, packing and finding a mover, getting the new space ready-complete with utilities, cabling and connections-and  
removing furniture from the old space . It's best if you call us before you sign a lease on new space so you'll know the size is right and you can configure the offices to fit your needs. Over time, as your needs change, we can help you reconfigure space, redesign individual units or add workspace. And if at any time you want to get rid of furniture you no longer need, we can buy it from you.
      Why Walltech? High quality. At Walltech quality begins and ends with the customer. We start by understanding your needs and constraints and then creating solutions uniquely suited to your work environment-and your budget. You'll see your needs and expectations reflected in functional floor layouts, expertly designed individual offices, handsome and durable furniture, prompt delivery and skilled installation. We help you do it right, and do it right the first time.
      Why Walltech? Function. Walltech provides furniture for a range of functions, from clerical and administrative to professional and executive. within offices, we can advise how to arrange modules to encourage collaboration and teamwork, improve supervision, ensure privacy and enhance security. In addition to office units, we provide furniture for reception areas, conference and training

rooms, storage areas and break rooms, among others. First and foremost, furniture must do its job, so your people can do theirs.
      Why Walltech? The right look. Want a fresh, updated look? We provide the newest colors, fabrics and design options on the market. Need a style that fits your corporate culture or reflects your organization's mission? We offer a wide range of styles to suit any taste or purpose. Do you simply need to match more of what you already have? We have a wide range of styles in stock or we may be able to find it for you, including styles discontinued by the original manufacturer. Whatever your need, we'll help achieve a look that sets the right tone for employees and sends the right message to your clients and customers.

      Why Walltech? 
Customized to fit. Walltech customizes furniture to meet your needs, working closely with your information technology specialist, facility manager, and interior designer or architect. The modular design provides ample choice for configuring the different workspaces you need, and we can often re-


work a panel or work surface to fit a problem area. In addition, we can equip the modules with a full range of accessories, including the latest keyboard pads and task lights.      

      Why Walltech? No nonsense. Walltech offers a straightforward, common-sense approach to furnishing you work space. Buying like-new furniture at a lower price makes good business sense. There's no hype about trendy fashion, worrisome ergonomics or set-in-stone lead times. Instead the focus is on what you like, what's comfortable, what's reasonable, and what works. There are no hidden costs, no complicated discounts on inflated list prices, no surprises. You'll know from the start what your're getting, when it will arrive, and what it will cost.